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Just seen this advert for someone looking for a logo. I wonder what he's expecting?


We are looking for someone to design our logo will pay £15 soon as approved via paypal as a gift.
Were looking for a graphic logo which will stick in peoples mind,

We would like a pocket with some animal coming our maybe Owl

Here is a sample
Logo for J9 Pocket Pets « Charles Lojko Marketing & Design | Look the Part

We would need a copy in high res cymk

Send me your design and if we like it we will reply and send over £15 and will need the logo as PDF and JPG etc

Nice little job for someone

look forward to your replies

also need Little Pocket Diary on it, its a wedding business that should help with a theme

Yeah, my traffic was a little low this weekend :p

It always makes me laugh how they make 'informed' demands such as "high res cymk" (lol), then make out that they're actually doing YOU a favour by even offering you this work!
Gotta love it... an insult disguised as a favour!

For more of my thoughts... go read Paul's blog comments lol