Direct To Garment Printing colour control


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From my online reading it seems that Direct To Garment printers prefer the following spec for the preparation of artwork: png file, rgb format, 300 dpi. The files are converted to cmyk format by the dtg software, which apparently does a far superior job of the conversion to cmyk than we can do ourselves.

In order to be able to control colour outcomes would it be correct to work backwards using Pantone colour bridge uncoated swatches in the following way: identify on a swatch the colour one wants to use, and note both the cmyk and rgb ratings of that colour. use the rgb colour in your own artwork, and hand both cmyk and rgb numbers to the printers. Does that look correct?

It seems it is better to retain white ink in the design as it thickens the base which has the effect of in turn producing more vivid colours.

Inevitably as each printer is different and the fact that the rgb to cmyk relationship is complex, means that there will be areas where only trial and error will be able to fine tune the colour regime.

Please advise whether this makes sense. Thanku.