Digital Print and PANTONE - Pls help!


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Ello all.

So, my question is this. If you are producing a short run of a brochure, it is fairly natural that you would choose to digi print right, in the interests of cost. However, what if you needed 1 PANTONE too. Would printers combine the two methods? Or would you have to do the whole job as 4 colour litho?


Thanks in advance!
The costs come because of the setting up of plates and the manual labour involved such as cleaning of rolls etc.

Because of this, you will get much more value for your money by printing numerous quantities.

How many copies are you looking to have?
It's a mega short run. Probably 200-300 programmes for an event. They may just want a gold Pantone on it. But if that Is a problem, I will just advise they get it foiled.

Thanks for replying!
Hi MM,

Two methods - offset five colour, or digital with offset subsequently 'Swings and roundabouts'.

As Toppers said - costs are higher for 5 colour offset with such a tiny run.

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You could find a digital printer with a Xerox 1000 and use the "clear varnish' coat anf get the gold that way. Where are you based?