Did anyone see the final of the apprentice?


Last night on the apprentice their was a really good project of making an alcoholic drink. Chris made a white rum with pomegranate in a prism bottle. Sella made a bourbon with a slight hint of honey, orange zest and mixed spices.

Did anyone see the designs for the bottles? What did you think? I thought they were actually quite good!
Yes, they were definitely interesting. Would have been good to sample the drinks...

Stella coined a good name, Urbon, and the logo design was good. However, the bottle itself did look a little too much like a fancy olive oil / balsamic vinegar...

Prism was pretty striking. Would look good in a bar and was a very unique appearance. Also would make a great offensive weapon :icon_wink:
Yess i watched it!

both really good concept and visually wise.

but my votes was on stella because shes from the same hometown as me THAMESMEAD!. woop woop. Represent!
I was very pleased that Stella won. I felt that she stood out from the start of the process and would be a great asset - bright, self motivated, copes well under pressure, motivates others and does not lose sight of strategy.
Yeah she was excellent, My favourites in the whole process were Christopher (the royal marine) and Liz, because I think they were both superb hard workers. Like someone said on the tele, there are loads of people creating new inventions and have new ideas, but you need hard workers.

I did like Stella, however, I wanted Chris to win just for his background. All these people you see who want a minimum of 2 years experience etc. is aload of rubbish as Chris showed. He was just an intelligent guy with good grades and no experience but showed he was good. Like some people who have got qualifications and degrees don't necessarily need experience to be good.