designing with tables?


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ive tried to start learning creating very basic websites, after having previously not known anything at all.

a frienn taught me the easiest way is to design in photoshop/illustartor, then input into dreamweaver using tables (columns and rows).

creating my side bar, with 4 links (home, about, projects and contact) there is a white space left in between them all.

is there a way i can change the tables to stick to each other, instead of leaving this small gap.

hope that makes sense

check your cell spacing and padding is set to zero, but like boss said, tables should only be used for displaying data and not for laying out your page. You'll come across all kinds of layout problems when you come to adjusting it later otherwise.
Totally agree with above. Having just completed a Dreamweaver course I'd recommend using using divs & css. Tables create a rod for your own back. If you wanted to create in ps you can also use slicing to create your layout too.