Designing invoices for clients - how to implement designs?


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Hi guys,

I have designed an invoice for a client's new business in InDesign, but I am struggling with implementing the design in anything that the client can use. I have tried word processors but encountered many issues other than it taking far too long to recreate the design. I have also become stuck using Acrobat, using the master page of the design as the backdrop of a PDF form and creating fillable fields - this is the solution I thought would work best, however there is no control over line spacing in Acrobat X which I find unbelievable!!

Anyhow, looking for some advice on this subject of implementing an invoice design as a fillable template.

Many thanks!


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I would be interested in this too. Surely there has to be some way of doing it without the client having access to inDesign etc

Dave L

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I don't feel that invoices require a high level of design and I certainly wouldn't compromise utility for look and feel. A simple header and footer in an MS Office template really ought to suffice.


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My take on it is that by the time we get to invoice someone they are already a client so I'd rather throw in all the creativity to the marketing collateral that precedes a relationship. Our invoices don't look awful but they won't win any art competitions - they are generated by FreeAgent with some minimal customisation allowed. I'd go with Dave L on this one.