Designing a theatre performance program


Hi guys, I have a job on at the moment for the design of a program for a theatre performance. I've not done one of these yet and all I have been given as content so far is a list of sponsoring companies. I've asked the question as to whether there should be a cast list, perhaps a bio about the main actors/actresses, but I'm curious, what else is usually in a program for a performance? I've tried googling to find some examples but not having much luck so if anyone could help out that would be greatly appreciated.
An introduction piece from the director is a fairly usual feature. That and plenty of photographs.
Ah ok, this is a bit of an odd one as it's a student performance which is experimental in that there will be no rehearsals whatsoever, so no photography opportunities from dress rehearsals and I'm not even sure it has your usual 'director' but I'm sure I can get something similar, at least an intro into how this has all come about, how it works and what they hope to achieve by it would be good me thinks!
A cover with the title of the performance, a back page with a list of sponsors and six blank interior pages, some with space to write your own content, one for you to write a review (with five outline stars - colour in as many as you see fit) and some with apertures to look through for images of the performance.

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