Designers - What's your favourite logo?


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Apple's symbol – I love simple, clean design that is versatile and is instantly recognisable, without the need for any supporting text or imagery. Timeless.


a couple of my favourites have to be the quiksilver and billabong logo's. Both brands seem to be so versatile in the use of their logo's and the typography that sits with them. They've changed and evolved their brand so many times over the years, yet it's always recognisable.
Not really a logo as such, but I've always thought that a yin yang is quite a powerful symbol and its representation of balance is reflected visually. There are a few companies which have used it an inspiration for their own logos too.

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"NeedforBleed" your name is scaring me! :icon_smile:

I know your refering to bleed as in the print term but I still think it sounds like the title to a horror film, maybe one where printing presses are on the rampage! :icon_biggrin:


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I love BP's logo. It is reminds me of the sun or the structure of a sunflower and points the way towards alternative forms of energy that all oil companies will eventually have to diversify into at some point before the oil runs out.

It's a shame that such a great iconic brand has become tarnished by the corporate irresponsibility that has led to the environmental disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.


Really like the F1 logo as well, after recently seeing the Spartan Golf logo it has to be at the top of my list, amazing - what do you see first the spartan, or the golf swing?