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I join this forum, cos I need some help. There is this design competition that i want to enter but my minds gone blank. I just don't know where to start, hence joining this forum.

I was hoping that i could get some feedback on the competition and any ideas of how to start my design.

Have a read below for info on the comp:

The competition is all about 'What Matters To You' so we want young
people 13- 18 years old to design a front cover around what matters to them. It can be
inspired by absolutely anything - friends, family, even your favorite
color. You can submit your designs in any style - painting, drawing,
digital, graphics, graffiti, the choice is yours.

Check out papercuts
email designs to [email protected]

I was thinking about a maybe doing, a mixture of photos and drawings of important people and things in my life. A bit like a collage but with the photos as the first layer then drawings with more detail on top. I'm just not sure how this would totally work.

Would love some constructive feedback

thanks x
Run with the idea you have, it sounds like it has promise.

If you find it isn't working out it may still spark off some other ideas whilst you work on it. Always better to start on something than sit and stare at a blank sheet of paper.

Maybe start off with a mind map of the important people in your life and what they mean to you. At least that way you have a visual starting point.

Feel free to post up your work in progress if you want constructive feedback :icon_thumbup:

Good luck with it all.

Yep I totally agree with Col, if you want some help along the way then post a link to your work in progress.

Obviously we will expect 50% of the prize if you win :icon_biggrin:
Thanks so much for the feedback, its really helpful.

I'm going to get started on it straight away and will keep you up to date with how i get on.

if you have any more ideas please let me know

Thanks x:icon_smile: