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Hello there,

I am currently in the process of conducting some market research that will hopefully result in me setting up a business with a main part of the business model being to help designers and all round creative people, like yourselves, to make some money out of their designs, drawings, sketches, etc. which they never end up using.

So I was just wondering if you wouldn't mind filling out the very short questionnaire (only 3 questions) at the link below:

Selling You Designs Survey

Thank you very much for your time
Sounds a lot like istock or shutterstock to me... And it's not often you do 'designs' without a client in mind. Sketches yes, but whether they're sale-worthy, doubt it.
What would stop somebody simply browsing sketches and taking the idea for themselves? The major selling point of most designs (particularly logos) is the idea behind them, and not necessarily the final execution.

Personally I think I'd hold on to my ideas for future. I imagine I'd make more money from them if I developed them into full branding projects too. I filled the survey in anyway though.
There are already quite a few sites around that offer this (BrandCrowd springs to mind). I've considered using them in the past, but to be honest the whole concept seems a bit back to front. When you design something, whatever it may be, it's in response to a brief and tailored for a very specific purpose. Sketches and unused designs are unlikely to be of much use to anyone except the person that commissioned the project in the first place.

Also, I agree with Paul - when it comes to sketches it's all about the idea. You wouldn't need to by a sketch to take the idea - you'd only have to see it.

Filled in your survey too - best of luck with your business plans.