Designer required for Logo and web work


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We are looking for a designer to produce visual elements of a corporate identity(logos etc) for a internet platform covering data about institutional investors, asset management industry etc.

The work load includes:

-Logo design;

-Stationary Design (letterhead, business cards, pdf, typographic layout)

-Webdesign(HTML template(s) proposals that accommodates news (small articles) and/or tabular data;Several css themes compatible with the logo/logos. Our web application has areas that would ideally share the common html structure proposed at 2. but will be differentiated by specific css themes (colors, fonts, lines, borders, etc).)

In order to be considered, we need you to send us samples of your previous work( mainly corporate brands- not consumer products) and several ideas/proposals about pensionmandate(as a service) and Instintell(Log In) as a company.

We want to see several sketches covering these brands(based on the information available on the website) to understand whether you can cover what we are looking for.
Firstly this has been posted in the wrong section of the forum and secondly do you really think this is the place to be requesting speculative work?

If you want a designer to work with you on branding you need to post a request in the services required section of the forum including details of a budget. If members are interested they will contact you and include links to previous work. If you don't feel any of the applicants meet your criteria find a company or designer who's work you like and approach them directly.

The members of this forum are on the whole, trained professionals with hourly rates which reflect this. Expecting them to complete 10-20 hours research and development work without pay in an attempt to 'win' a job is insulting.
no intention to offend anyone. I just posted an ad. It was only a suggestion(to come with some examples). I am not familiar with the routine related to the design work, so I might be wrong. However, when I try to find a designer, I spend time myself. I would call it "search cost". It is part of the "transaction costs". Because the deal between a buyer and a seller is somehow symmetrical, there are similar costs on the designer side. It is part of the effort of searching for a deal. If I call you and we discuss for 1h, you want me to pay you for that 1h, but I spend 1h too. This is my approach. I have not invited you to offer me anything.
Okay, but presumably you can see that if you get ten responses from people who offer up ideas for your company + sketches (this is what your post says you need/want) and you choose one of them then nine people are working on your behalf for nothing and you still get sight of their ideas which - depending on your ethical position - you can then pass on to the designer you ultimately go with if they inform your thinking, even in a small way.

I appreciate that you have to put in some effort to find the person you want but, put simply, you have the need so you carry the risk; or, to put it another way, if you have a vacancy in your company, when you appoint someone, would you deduct the costs of drafting/placing the job advertisement + your hourly rate for interviewing them from their first pay packet? And, more to the point, would you invoice unsuccessful candidates for the same?

If you're clear about what you require as a skillset (as you are) and request examples of previous work(as you have), this should give you all you need to make a decision but asking for bespoke, preliminary work to be completed on a speculative basis is unreasonable.
The Op has the right idea chaps.

I am going to invite 10 painter decorators to my home.

I will alllow them each to paint a wall (so I can see their skill) and when they've finished (my entire house) I shall pick one of them paint my loo.


If only life were like that ;) Why oh why is this how it is in the design industry???
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