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Trying to help my my boss find a good graphic designer who can make 3D drawings and photo-realistic drawings.

They manufacture agricultural machinery and need work ranging from changing the colour of some of the machines in a realistic manner, so they can show customers what a machine would look like without actually having to build it.

And they would like someone to make photo realistic and 3D drawings for machines from 2D CAD drawings to show for prospective tenders.

Here's some sample photo's on their website of what they would like the colour changes on, would be good if the tractors could be changed to the spec colour too if required:

Eurospec Agri Machinery Vacuum Tankers, Vacuum Tanker Parts, Second Hand Agricultural Machinery, Truck Mounted Concrete Mixers, Replacement Drums and Spare Parts - Omagh Tyrone Northern Ireland Vacuum Tankers

If anybody could indicate competitive rates for this kind of work as well it would be appreciated


Dan Simmonds

Eurospec Agri Machinery
Northern Ireland
Photo Realism


We have lots of experience in the automotive design sector where realistic images are required on an hourly basis. If you could let us know what is required then we can tell you how much it will cost.


Rob (Crafty-pixels)

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Hello Dan.

I have sent a private message to you with some hourly rates and links to my work. I can foresee no problems providing you with this type of rendering work.

Best regards