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Hi everyone,
I'm a student in internet and software. I'm creating a video game since 6 month and now I need a designer, good in heroic fantasy style. My video game is like "Final Fantasy Tactic advance" but online. I product it on a website.
For the moment I'm alone but i need someone to do the characters and a few other screen.

I see than I can't ask you for free that's why I offer you :
(Over 9000 Billions of dollars) or Parts of the video game.

Only video game 's fan and funny people.

PS: I give you two pictures for the example of what I need ^^


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" Need something for your business? A website, logo, illustration, printing? Ask in here for quotes and recommendations from fellow members. **PAYING JOBS ONLY** "

I can't ask work for free that's why I said " Over 9000 Billions of dollars "

And the real offer is a partnership :D


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OOhhhh Hahaha... Good luck with that! :)

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Pretty good game, not perfect because: kiddie story, kiddie characters, mind-blowing repetitive and long boring battles. However, the class system, missions, secret characters and other qualities made me finish the game 100% with the 2nd ending. It got quite hard at the end, requiring high level characters and by the time I was done, I had so many weapons and huge amounts of money that it just was too much. Still a classic, I wish for a true FFT game soon though.


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I'm just searching someone who can do my characters and work in a funny atmosphère. And yeah it's more chibi than kawaii :D . Now we're 3 (one front designer and 2 back developper) but we need a web designer (specialise or just good in game character).
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