Design work area

Big McCann

New Member
hi all so going to ikea in the next day or so and was going to buy a desk and a set of the square shelves.

this may seem silly and sorry if does but in terms of the colour what should i go for blackor white?

with us designers being fussy as to colours we use in our work everyday, what colour would create the best working area?

any pros and cons of either coloured work area?

I would say, go for something more natural looking but in your position it'll have to be white to help brighten up your office and give the perception of 'tidy'.
White is supposedly the best colour for working, as an orange/blue/whatever wall behind your screen could potentially affect how your eyes see on-screen colour. Personally I'd just go for whichever you want to ensure you have a creative space in which to work. If a bright pink desk inspires you, go for it!