Design the GLAMOUR new PAD logo, win €3.000 + visibility at

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Talents from all over the word, this is your opportunity to shine: launches a new international contest:

Design the GLAMOUR new PAD logo to best position this new magazine format with its target -
uninhibited and smart friend women, with impeccable taste, style-conscious, always with an eye on the latest trends.

A life manual perfect to fit in every purse but still big enough to be easily read, watched and skimmed, “PAD” has the ambition to become the new standard size that can keep all the best attributes of the large and pocket magazines:

1) high quality images for a strong visual impact

2) ease of reading

3) portability

4) compactness

No woman could leave home anymore without her GLAMOUR PAD!

All the details at

First prize €3.000 + visibility and the chance that YOUR LOGO could become the official logo of the magazine WORLDWIDE!

1) Ends on March the 28th 2011, 23.59 italian time
2) The first prize is in Euro € but it will be converted from your bank in your currency, so not a problem!

Is this the winner?

Yup thats the one

Bare in mind its for the digital Glamour issues so i think it works well. although I wish I won.
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yeah suppose the 'a' is very dodgy.

also Shicon chose 5 runners up and they are awful.

this was mine, what ever happened to a good concept. its 'trying' to look like its lipstick and also is perfectly mirrored. i call it the mirrored lipstick logo >.<, maybe not the best executed logo in hindsight seen as its for a digital magazine

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Don't worry about it mate, I see all sorts of entries getting picked and shortlisted for competitions that I just don't get. Sure, they look nice, but where's the idea behind it?

I recently got shortlisted in a competition to design a D&AD lecture poster in Manchester. I didn't win (I never expected to, I was competing against 3rd year students) but I was surprised by some of the shortlisted entries. There was no real concept behind them, they just designed nice looking, by the book posters.

Sadly it seems most people are favouring aesthetics over idea.


I liked the concept behind yours by the way. I would have written it in actual lipstick and scanned it in, though I bet the judges wouldn't 'get it' anyway :p