Design price for 350p Brochure


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Hi all,

Sorry for not introducing myself first but Ive got a potential job on which is much bigger than my usual and I have a meeting with them in the next day or 2 to discuss costings.
They are looking for a 350p A4 brochure/catalogue, images are sorted. What sort of price should I be quoting on such a big volume of work?? Normally Im charging £35 a page plus....

Thanks for any response.
I don't think this is going to be much use to you, but I saw an agency quote for a 50 ish page brochure the other day, worked out as £370 per page. Just for design. I died a little inside because I'm currently working on a 400 page brochure in my in-house job and you could nearly pay my wages for a year with what the agency will get for that one job - which they said will take them 2 weeks. Gutted.
It is a question of how long you think an average page might take and how long to set up the first pages - the basic layout. It may well take you a few hours to set up the initial page/s layout and get a template to work to. I don't suppose each page is going to be exactly the same. I would think that your quote might be OK to start with... if you go in too low you could be kicking yourself later!! Good luck!
Do you have any idea whatsoever of who else they may be asking for a quote? Cos if they get a quote from an agency I think you could be pricing yourself waaaay too low.
and don't quote too low as that will reflect on you. Cost it up, make sure you going to make something on it and cross your fingers.