Design - Please Feedback

I guess it fulfils it's purpose in terms of the information provided but it is a bit bland and boring. The text at the bottom becomes too difficult to read at a distance, there is no need for it to echo the outlined text style/font used throughout the design, as it is a separate set of information. A simple solution would be to have that text filled, not outlined. The black transparent rectangle does not look good, and the way is has been used with the image underneath so that the ceiling and the row of tables at the bottom stand out? Makes no sense. I would question why it's there at all. I guess it's because without it, the 'upto 50%' text blends in too much with the background image and loses it's clarity but there are other ways around this. I would think it is there as a bit of a cop out, for lack of design skills. (No disrespect to you, if you did this). I would get a designer to redesign it, or at least tweak it to be something that's going to catch the attention and draw the viewer in. There are also a couple kerning issues, for example the 'T' in 'UPTO' overlapping with the 'P' too much. These a just little things a designer would easily pick up on.
Hi Thanks for your feedback, it's appreciated. I just realised that the file I uploaded the colour profiles are all messed up, the black box isn't there on the actual design it's just a box with around 20% transparency , exactly as you said because the 50% looses it's clarity without it, thanks for pointing out the kernaling , I agree it is a little bland , I didn't want to risk it becoming cheesy with summery design, I'm going to re think as pepole guide me , I would really like to learn different methods of design.
What would you rate out of 10 (baring in mind i have no training atall and only 10 hours max of experience)
Yeah that's kind of what I was getting at, for a non-designer or a designer with very little experience, it not too bad.

Out of 10? i'll give it a 5/10.

btw James I PM'ed you on your other account. I didn't realise you created a new one so i don't know if you got it? It was regarding my e-mail(s)?

Would be good to get some feedback from you :)