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Would just like opinions on this please?

I went for an interview yesterday at a design/signage company, where they are recruiting for a graphic designer. Guy saw my folio, which he said he liked, explained how high-pressure the job would be and how much (a hell of a lot, including going out solo sometimes and applying vinyl to windows etc) responsibilty would be placed on the hired designer. The job is minimum wage, which while it doesn't bother me too much, I think is very low for what is being asked of the potential designer.

The main thing thats bothering me is that I've been asked to spend my weekend designing TEN huge menus for restaurant display, which will be the deciding factor in wether I get the job or not! I think that two or three would be more reasonable if they just wanted to see if I was capable or not! It's annoying because surely if they've seen your work and like it, they should already see that someones capable.

Though I'd quite like a design job, I'm not sure if I want to persue this, as I'll do all this work with no guarantee of a job at the end of it. From what I'm aware, people aren't exactly chewing off each others hand for the job.

Another thing thats alarmed me is that I was asked if I could get hold of a *copy* of adobe suite!

What would you do....just get on with it and hope for the best, or say "hell no!"?
Sounds very, very dodgy. Mainly because they're asking you for the Adobe software and you don't even work for them or really know them seems strange in itself, plus, they must know it's illegal unless you basically give them over £1ks worth of software. Moreover, by the sounds of things they're getting you to create these huge designs that they'll probably sell to this restaurant make money and you won't see much, if anything.

What's stopping them (baring in mind they sound a bit dodgy) from taking the designs from you. "Sorry you haven't got the job". Then selling them to the restaurant.

I'd stay well away. I could be wrong of course, but I don't get the best vibes.
Does sound shady! If you do go ahead and produce these designs, make sure you water mark them and email them to a friend or family member as well as the signwriter. that way if you dont get the job but your work is used (unpaid) youve got some evidence that theyve ripped you off.
I agree with all of the above! Doesn't sound right at all - I always think that if you feel uncomfortable about the job role after an interview, you shouldn't go for it... (wish I took my own advice!!!)

I would keep searching... Best of Luck :icon_smile:
It does sound rather odd. I always go with gut feeling in business - and my view is the same as the previous writers. Something is not right, better to make a decision now, than regret later.
Thanks for the replies...

I decided not to go with it in the end after MUCH self-debating. My instinct told me not to as something just didn't feel right. If I'm wrong, then well, tough luck! I guess i'll never know anyway now! :icon_dunno:
Thanks for the replies...

I decided not to go with it in the end after MUCH self-debating. My instinct told me not to as something just didn't feel right. If I'm wrong, then well, tough luck! I guess i'll never know anyway now! :icon_dunno:

For what its worth, I personally think you made the right decision. From what you told us in your original post, it sounded like the company were setting you up for pretty much full liability if/when it all goes bad.
I agree with Big Dave.

Gut feeling has saved me so many times. They have asked way too much fro a prospective employee.

You made the right decision with the information you had at the time Good for You.:icon_thumbup:

ps someone else give thsi sole a job..:icon_smile:
Just thought I'd updat on this company...they're recruiting again for the exact same role, and after a bit of digging around, it appears they 'recruit' for this same role on average every few months...and the place is not big enough for that number of staff. Glad I kept my distance!
That is so low.

I've had some job interviews where I wasn't successful and it felt like I had done a lot of work for them.
It does make you wonder whether they have used the designs anyway.

It's so hard to find design work at the moment and if you really love design and dream of working in the role you get pretty desperate to achieve that (from personal experience) and might dismiss things which you might otherwise put down as dodgy.

I'm not saying these companies did this to me but that is what it kind of felt like at the time and reading this now disgusts me, if it's true.

How could you take advantage of people like that? How bad would you feel if you found out that was what was happening. They would be treading on your dreams.

Good decision, which I applaud you for, it must have been an agonising decision but it is a bad sign if you feel bad about the job before you've started it. You'll think better of yourself too if you don't compromise your code of practice I think.