design inspiration/influences


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Hi everyone,

I'm currently researching how contemporary 21st century art has influenced modern graphic design, and would be greatful for people's thoughts and opinions.

Obviously designers have been influenced by other designers and pre-21st century art but I'd like to hear if people think they have been inspired/influenced by 21st century art—anything from Anish Kapoor to Banksy.

Any other relevant comments on the subject are welcome too, of course. For example if anyone knows a relevant book, article etc on the subject (cause I havent found much).

Many thanks for your help, appreciate it!

I think Japanese animé has had a huge influence on illustration.

Graffitti artists have definitely influenced fashion design.

Jeff Koons and other pop/retro artists have had an influence on furniture & interior design.

Thanks for your reply! Interesting that you mentioned japanese anime, i didnt think of that but now that i think of it you're probably right.

Thanks again, have a good one!