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Hi all...

I am trying to build up my portfolio and get a more varied selection of work in there, as well as filling some spare time i have at the moment...

so i thought i would offer some cheap design work to members...

UPDATED 08.09.09

Business Card Design £20 (one side) £30(2 sided)
Logo Design £45 (3 designs to choose from)
Logo Design £30 (one logo design)
A6 Flyers £35 (one sided) £45 (double sided)
A5 Flyer £45 (one sided) £55(double sided)
Web design £100 (up to 5 pages) £15 per extra page.
Web Hosting £28 per year

Silver Start up package offer valid until December 1st 2009
Business card design (single sided)
letterhead design

Gold Start up package offer valid until December 1st 2009
Business card design (single sided)
letterhead design
5 page website including hosting

I hope those prices will be helpful to some of you..

I would require 50% payment up front through paypal and the balance due on completion
All design work will be signed over to you as the copyright holder.

You can see my portfolio at Home

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Too cheap!

Hi Michelle

Like your website - like your design.

However, i'm not sure that offering design at those rates will do you any favours - it will kill the professionals out there and downgrade the perceived value of what you and others offer in the industry. I can assure you that those people looking to buy cheap will only be trouble and are not the ones that you would want to build a business around. The other matter worth mentioning is that this industry is blighted by those who use hookie fonts and software - cheap rates also act as big flag saying 'i'm not legit!' and no proper business wants to be associated with someone who gets hauled over the coals for that one.

Not wishing to quash your undoubted enthusiasm - just friendly advice.

PS. Handing over copyright is a great move - lots of designers who don't give us a bad name.

ATB, Craig.
Thanks for comments and advice...

I appreciate what your saying, but as i work full time, im in the fortunate position that i don't need to make a living from freelance design, (i appreciate some do) therefore i am happy to work for low prices just for some extra cash (getting married in August) and for some extra work to build on the portfolio.

I am sure that the prices that more experienced designers charge, are because they have far more experience than me and a more impressive portfolio, i would class myself as a junior designer, therefore don't charge unrealistic prices, if i did i wouldn't get any work at all! i can't compete with designers who have loads of expereince and a big impressive portfolio.

I also understand that there are many people out there, mainly young people who start their own businesses, clothing lines, bands, and people like mobile hairdressers, therapists etc.. who don't have much money to get the design work they need, so i aim my services at these people, as years ago i was one of them, when i started my own business i couldn't afford to pay for a website or logo or anything like that... I feel that some (not all) designers charge rediculous prices, for example, i was looking at logo prices a while back.. there were loads of websites charging up to around £100 for a logo, not one of the logos on my portfolio website took me more than 10 of 15 minutes to design, i couldn't justify charging someone nearly £100 for 15 minues work!!!

I believe you should charge whatever you feel your time is worth....If it puts people off then ok, that's their choice, but i believe that many people who don't have a lot of money to spend will appreciate the low rates and i'm sure it will help some people out a great deal.
I currently have a small portfolio and not a lot of freelance experience (i work in property design and have only done a little bit of freelance outside of this) therefore perhaps when i have far more expereince and a more impressive portfolio i'll up my rates, but for now, i am happy, as are many people i have designed for.

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Good luck Michelle!

If I may say - from personal experience - graphic clients do believe that they get what they pay for regardless of your financial situation.

Most of the time, my closest friends insist on paying me for design work because they think if I offer it as a friendship freebie it will not be up to the standard...and trust me that the final artwork is the same quality in both scenarios!

i'm sure you're right in some cases, and these people will obviously not choose me to do their design work...

I just think that people can view my portfolio and see the standard of my work so if they don't feel it's up to scratch then they most likely wouldn't choose me to do their work.

I don't think the price matters too much, i think people would rather see my portfolio and what i can do rather than assume if i have high prices the work will be better.

Good answer and good for you!

Hi Michelle

You know what... I can't knock your answer there. You are so right and I guess i've been very fortunate to be in a position where i've not had to start from the ground up in terms of working to build a creative portfolio. There are many people/businesses out there who need a leg up and with the potential you are offering then it's a win-win all round.

Good luck and all the best - I look forward to seeing your portfolio grow.

I've just amended my offers.. please get in touch if interested.. contact details can be found at Home

New Offer:
Start up package offer until the end of April 2009:
Business card design (single sided)
letterhead design

I've been doing some really interesting design jobs for people on here, got some great new things for my portfolio, so thanks, keep em coming :)

June/July offers

I am not taking on any work from 1st July - 1st September, as i am getting married & will be away on honeymoon for a few weeks.. but between now and then i have a few days here and there spare .. just wondered if there was anything small anyone needs to fill my few spare days? Perhaps a logo, business card, web graphics etc...

I have good prices and quick turn around times, I can get most small things done in 1-2 days...

Offer Prices (fixed until 23rd June 2009)

Business Card Design £18 (one side) £28 (2 sided)
Logo Design £50 (3 designs to choose from)
Logo Design £30 (one logo design)
A6 Flyers £20 (one sided) £35 (double sided)
A5 Flyer £25 (one sided) £30(double sided)

Other items quoted on request
contact [email protected]
portfolio at Home