Design Events in London?


I'm hoping this is the right place to put this.

I'm pretty new to graphic design and was thinking that it would be a good idea to keep myself out of trouble in January and try and get to some events to see and learn things... is there anything like a trade show or a graphic design version of the the ideal home showcoming up in the near future that that you know of?
Have any of you been to any trade-show type things and are they actually worth going to?
Check out Good For Nothing. It's a two-day design marathon where designers, coders and whoever get together to help charities and good causes who don't have the budgets for websites and branding. They have different events happening around the country, including social nights and networking events. They did one in Manchester in the Summer. I went along and met some great people, and had a fantastic time. I learnt so much too. It's a bit like an intensive placement where you're actually involved making a difference.
that looks like such a brilliant idea! I love it! thanks for the recommendation - I've been thinking about doing some form of charity work for a while now - I might find my innings here!
They're really good events, and it's surprising how much can be done by a group of people who've never worked together before. Our event was sponsored by Tunnocks too, so I ate my bodyweight in caramel wafers over two days.