Design critique for HTML5 game website


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Hello young beautiful people,Now, I'm actually not a visual artist or graphics designer myself - as you'll soon find out no doubt ;-) - but I still want my stuff to look half decent.With that in mind, I wonder if you would like to comment positively or negatively on the graphic design of my JS Robots website which lives at The design vibe is "martian wilderness" and I've knocked it up myself using images from NASA.Thank you. Comment is free ;-)
This is defintely a game for geeks...

Text is hard to read against background
Times new roman font - yuk. At least use trebuchet, verdana or similar.
Form elements and tables could do with a bit of colour - not just black and white. Possible use black and brown colours.
Yep, it's ultra geeky ;-)I have a (possibly erroneous!) policy of not hard setting any fonts - and I *hope* that the browser / user defaults are sensible. But where are you seeing Times New Roman by the way? Not seeing that font myself..."Hard to read against background" - I take it you mean the red game instruction text on the martian background square? Yeah, I would agree with that...Yeah, a bit of browny red on the left and right status tables might be cool.Thank you!
add some css style to the form boxes to add some colour, the font is hard 2 read on the martian bg

Very constructive criticism - thanks guys.So in summary:[] work on the text on the martian background[] look at why main text is serifing (?) for some people[] add a touch of colour to forms and tablesWill do!In other news, do you think it would be naff to style the colour pulldown such that "Red" has a red background, "Green" has a green background and so on?