Design Council Survey

our industry is predominantly male, predominantly white & predominantly middle aged. Bit scary when you think about it...
Looks quite healthy to me. I wouldn't have thought 60% male to 40% female was unequal enough to worry about. Average age 38 looks pretty young to me, almost no-one these days defines middle age as starting before 40 or even 45 (I admit having an axe to grind, here). The ethnicity is low, you're right there - I suspect it might be related with the lack of a clear career structure in academic terms, there are so many different routes into design, in comparison with architecture or IT, at least.
The age range is alittle bit strange given the huge amount of design courses available compared to when I studied back in the 1800's :icon_biggrin:

Maybe they just aren't coming through or there is a lack of work for those graduates possibly.