Design advice, tips, effects etc


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I run an event and to try save on costs i've been learning photoshop for a few months so i can design all my own artwork. Flyers, posters etc.

I'd love some advice on my layout, design concept and effects etc. I'm pretty sure i'm missing some basic design rules they look very cut & paste at the moment.

Also these are for practice so ignore the original art i'm using, i will be sourcing through a stock site in future so any tips on where i can find pictures in this kind of style would be appreciated!
I'm not keen on the square crackly-effects on the whole poster, perhaps just small sections of this would look good? Though I am impressed with the posters as a whole.

However the text looks stretched and distorted in some places, perhaps you've resized it without keeping the scaling right?
Laganas eh? That brings back memories...

Other than the stretched text (never ever do that), I don't mind them. I know what you mean about 'cut and paste', but it seems to fit the subject matter - reminds me of flyers from the old days.