Deli Logo Design


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Hello all - after a few sketches and mocks this is where I am at - it is going to be used as signage and shop dressing for a delicatessen. Let me know what you guys think.


Really like this, but I just question if it needs colour adding or not - it doesn't scream food if you see what I mean (although the apple is well done). But it could work better on a lighter back ground maybe?
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I like it a lot. Colours are nice and the type face is very well suited. Simple yet effective. I'm sure the client will be very happy..

..second thoughts, sometimes clients think they know whats best for them.

Good luck!
love it! subtle and stylish. Think the colours are great too, nicely done. Is the sign being wrote in metal?
Thanks for all the feedback everyone - the signage is to be cut from brushed stainless steel and also frosted onto windows. Unfortunately the client had already decided on the colourschemes for the shop, and also the shop fittings (the interior is going to be dark grey) which was a bit restrictive when coming up with the design! Fingers crossed they will go for it!