Degree in Product Design, but want to focus on Graphic Design.. What next?


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I'm a recent graduate of BA (Hons) 3D Design: Product and Furniture from Northumbria University.

Whilst completing this course and since finishing, my passions and talent seem to lie in Graphic Design. My strengths have always been in drawing and the initial sketching and presentation of my work, but instead of committing to a Masters in Graphic Design I was wondering what other options were out there?

I'm currently working full time as a Recruitment Consultant in Durham, so would ideally be looking for distance or part-time learning.

Does anyone have any ideas or experiences they could share?
Hi, Congrats on your degree, If your passion is driving you towards graphic design then i would recommend working on a great portfolio with both digital and print design work in it. Most design agencies want to see that you can design to a client brief and know your way around the software so you can get the job done in the time given. I wouldn't worry about your degree not being in graphic design, it shows your competent to a high level. Hope this help, Good luck.