Dedicated design centre business idea


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I'm thinking of setting up a small dedicated design centre / studio perhaps with just 9 desks and a meeting room where people can rent desk space and have a business address.

I joined this forum mostly just to see if fellow designers are interested in renting such spaces theoretically... it's a pipe dream at the moment but some feedback as to whether people think this would be viable and what type of services you think i should provide.

Any comments and feedback would be much appreciated.


Quite like the idea of it, be great for bouncing around ideas etc, but won't some designers be worried about having their clients nicked by the other designers?
thanks for the comment

Thanks for the comment, that has been an issue that a few people i have spoken to have raised. A possibility of course would be to try and get people from different fields interested.. ie graphic design, webdesign, digital photography and other freelance trades, maybe even accountancy so that there is a range of people who could bounce ideas off each other or work alone without causing conflict of interest. This of course could be difficult as it would be important to keep desks rented to make ends meet.
In that case it would work very well and I"d imagine any startup designers or freelancers would be in a great position to benefit from the shared experience. Also everyone could help each other on different aspects of different projects.

Call it an instant business network maybe, does sound great Craig, I'd certainly be interested if close by.