Decoy Marketing | Article

Excellent find Xenonsoft.

Reminds me of this London & New York based photographer, he had done a marketing & techniques video that was sold to photographers that attended his no doubt expensive seminars.
But the one thing that really stuck in my mind was when he spoke about taking an order for prints for family and friends, how a well timed single question could double, if not treble the sales... That question..."How many?"
Simple, but when you think about it.. you got a couple thats chuffed with their portraits, they want to show them off, and among the orders are inevitably going to ones for the grandparents & aunts etc, so that simple question made them think, aye right enough, we should get aunt Mary, grany & papa one, and so on and so on.
Am just not sure how designers could use that, but just shows, simple but effective questions, with good timing.
Agreed Mark, marketing seems to find many simple tricks that make sense. The decoy idea being just but one!