Dear Boss Hog, don't you like competition?

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Is it just me or does Boss Hog delete any posts that contain any other links to print companies other than his?

To me that seems a bit unfair, and puts me off using the forum because its biased to your site!

Don't you think your valued forum members deserve to make an informed choice???
i did actually notice this when I introduced myself, I got an email saying there was a reply with someone saying hi and I could use their print company if needed, next thing I know, its gone! Obviously if its a spam post then it should be deleted, but in my instance I definitely didnt feel that.
Exactly the same happened to me today! However, plenty of Stationery Direct links going about??

Come on Boss Hog, if you're that confident about your product and service surely a bit of healthy competition is acceptable and shouldn't be a problem?
WOW what a lovely thread to see first thing on a Tuesday morning, well to address both of your concerns...

Kyle, you seem to pop up every month or so with a new print company and a new domain name to advertise. This is the only time you ever bother to come on here and you offer no other useful contribution to our forum. You have made only 18 posts since 2009 so this shows you are not an active member helping out and trying to help the forum grow, but instead, someone who is only looking to use the forum as a free platform for advertising their latest business venture.

Posting on old print threads that are months old with your new business details every few months recommending yourself are no use to anyone. Self promotion is not allowed on the forum unless a user is requesting a quote or specifically asks for a supplier to get in touch.

This is no different to other forums and as someone who frequents other forums you should know this by now. Myself and the moderators will delete posts as we see fit and to be honest we all have better things to do than to keep deleting your inappropriate posts. May I add it wasn't me that deleted it in the first place so please get your facts right.

As for competition on here, seriously, if I had to rely on this forum for business I would have gone under months ago. Their are many many many threads where other printers have posted and these are all still there for the world to see, as they were posted correctly and are appropriate to the initial post.

Obviously if you don't want to continue being such a useful resource to our members then feel free to go elswhere.

Ben, the introduction thread is for new members to say hello and for existing members to welcome you, not to bombard you with "if you ever need" and "we offer" responses. Obviously in this instance you are not overly concerned but other new users have been put off where they have received 10 or so responses all from members offering services they have not requested.

All members have a signature area to advertise their business and this is what it is for. Genuinely this was done in your interest as a new member, hope it doesn't put you off sticking around.

Hopefully this has addressed both issues, I could have quite easily just deleted this negative thread but hope by taking the time to answer shows what type of person I am. I will however be locking this thread as I do not have the time to go into this further. The forum is non-profit and something I do in my spare time which at the moment I have none of.


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