Dead Or Alive 3 (typeface help requested)


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I've tried identifont as well as whatthefont at but I have yet to figure out what font/typeface they use in the logo for Dead Or Alive 3. I know they seemed to use Terminator for DOA2, but they changed it and no one seems to know what font it's now?

I posted a thread at abstractfonts as well, but they have seem unable to assist me there. So, does anyone here happen to know what font/typeface this is? I only need a name or well anything will do at this point as I am beginning to feel slightly desperate.

Many thanks in advance.
Hi asphinx, welcome to the forums.

Unfortunately I can't help you there, hopefully someone else will know!
that is too bad, thank you anyway. I've continued my search as well, but I'm beginning to suspect that the font has been customized from a more "normal" looking font. D, R & L have a more sans-serif look whilst the rest is pretty straightforward serif look. At least in my opinion that is, but alas I am no expert at typefaces and fonts so if I'm wrong, do correct me. :icon_notworthy:
I think you are correct. As you saw, i put up an entry into the whatthefont forum and have had no luck on there.
Like you said probably custom drawn, if you only need the font for a short name or a few letters why not have a go at drawing your own font?