DC Comics unveil new brand identity

Never heard of DC Comics. Are they the leading comic writer/distributor like Marvel or something? Also, what was their old brand like?
They are the guys who do Batman and Superman... they are just as big as Marvel.

What do you mean do them? Write/sell/design etc? I guess I always assumed Marvel released them all.
I like it, the old one looked rather dated and I guess it gives them lots of room to play too. I like the green one most I think :)
I think it's a really good rebrand. It's a great idea and it's working really well for them. However, I can't work out what the hell this one is?


@Arrivals DC are the bigger comic book brand I think. Marvel have had a lot of limelight lately because of the success of their films, but Batman and Superman will always be the forerunners :)
Out of context it looks a bit weird but when applied to the corner of the comics, the identities work pretty well I think.

I actually really like their early logo.
It's just me then, but I prefer the original. The new one is very sexy, but I think the original logo works better for comics, its all about the action and movement of it. New logo is a bit sterile for me.
I love this new rebranding of DC. Such a simple but strong logo design. The old logo was good but was starting to look rather dated. This new one is very of the moment.
As with all logo design, the simplest idea is often the best.
I've seen a lot of people criticising the re-design but I actually really like it, more so now that I've seen some of the ways they've tailored it to different characters/series'.
It works alot like the National History Museum logo, with different parts that can be changed and different backgrounds / colour variations.