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Just completed this logo for my new clients, I have two more to do with them (one of which I am struggling with) for their new sister presses. The logo is 5 interlocking scythes to form an inverted pentagram, and reflects the dark agenda of their publications. What do you lot think?
Well it is certainly different. You need to have a look at ya kerning and it would be nice if all of the letters were the same size. I dunno if that was intentional but it doesn't look right. Also i'm gussing it's not meant to form a complete circle? As there are slight dips at each point. The point of the star on the left is away from the edge of the circle, unlike the others. Again this may be intentional but it bugs me. The font you have chosen matches well with your design though.
The circle is not meant to be perfect, though I guess fixing the point to be closer to the edge would not be a bad thing either as I do agree it sticks out like a sore thumb. Also what issues would you say is with the kerning? As for the letters being all the same size, what do you mean exactly? Are you referring to the word publishing?
For example the 'T' looks slightly too big. Look at the spacing between the 'R' and the 'V' in comparison to the other letters, some letters need to come in a notch or two and others out a notch. Just minor tweaks that will make the overall design look more complete.
Not being anally retentive or anything but did you make that in Photoshop or Illustrator? - might just be because it is a low res sample but it doesn't look to have the 'cleanness' of a vector. (If you did make it in Photoshop stop that right now and always use illustrator for logos, tsk tsk :icon_wink:).

Here's the basics abut kerning, Type: Kerning it's something you really ought to learn up on, especially for logo design
I quite like the text, hate the icon though.:icon_cheers:

=( What is wrong with the icon?

As for kerning I have done some before, just have not done much. Also the logo was done in illustrator, I just did a invert in photoshop for the client as he wanted to see it black.

I have corrected the problems and have posted it below, I have also published the second one i am doing for them (which is a tad to complex I admit, but it is what the client wanted).

DARKHARVEST1-Corrected Final.jpgDARKHARVEST2-corrected.jpg
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Just doesn't sit right to me. I'd try something a little simpler. I prefer it to the new ones however.
Just doesn't sit right to me. I'd try something a little simpler. I prefer it to the new ones however.

Not sure how I could make it simpler..... There was a version without all the dents and cuts, but he preferred the damaged version. Urghhh feel like I have failed at designing now....
Failed at designing? Wouldn't go that far. If your client likes it then job done. My opinion means nothing and is simply based on taste. :icon_cheers:
As Arrivals says it is about opinions. I really like it, both at face value and that it is clever enough to make you look twice. Spot on I reckon.

To be honest I have been on edge recently, I just have been getting increasingly annoyed that friends are getting top jobs while I am rotting and the only explanation I have is that I am crap at design....

Anyway yeah I have got the concepts for the third logo, it is not what I wanted to do (i wanted to do something more adventurous but the concept just would not work), so the idea is a door knocker.....but despite what I do it seems to just not look right....

I wonder if you guys can think of something.

Okay I have abandoned the idea in the post above. The client said he wanted something like the old arkham house logo. So I have developed a house on a floating island. The only thing I cant figure out is the text on the island logo.

Gotta say, that is a fab logo of the Sythes!

With the new NOD logo ideas, try the house on floating island logo aligned left of the text, height of house the same as text but keep the text in the format it is in. Floating island should be then below text for effect. No? Just my tuppence!

One more thing, never give up man! Design til you reach the top!