CV in pdf


i made myself a new cv in 2010 and now im adding more info to it and the file size is just getting bigger, i dunno if anyone has had this problem when you try and add your CV to certain websites and is says max file size 200k / 500k im finding it REALLY difficult to make the file smaller and trying to keep the quality. does any1 have any tips to get it smaller in size without loosing quality.
ive removed the images i have a few shapes in the design tho but nothing detailed just block colour, ill upload my cv for u to view.

ive removed the "skills" images and replaced them with text instead, but still cant get the size down
As a potential employer I wouldn't want to print that CV out, maybe lose the background colour it vector based or done in photoshop.
To reduce file size of a pdf I usually open it in acrobat pro (I have version 9) and in the 'advanced' tab I click 'pdf optimizer'. Check everything and it will basically flatten all your layers.
The Boss has a point: Not using standard paper size, having coloured text on a charcoal grey background, etc... I'm not sure these are not good design decisions for a CV...
This would be fine if you are printing and sending direct to a creative company - but uploading... I agree with the Boss. Have a simpler one that can be emailed/uploaded.
I think it's a pretty cool CV. I love the style and the way you've displayed the information. There are quite a lot of typographical errors though due to your justified text (rivers and W I D E T R A C K I N G on some words). If you're planning to send this to creative directors, I'd pay particular attention to the typography.

I'd consider maybe moving your contact details at the top with your name/bio.

And I second what Kate has said. I'd think about designing this with a look to getting it printed/folded and sent via post to agencies or whoever, then producing a simpler (one page?) version for sending via email or uploading to sites.
it was designed in illustrator, this CV is for when im trying to upload to sites. my CV i send off to potential employers is 2 and a half a4 sheets, and yeah some of the text when justified looks a bit weird i know :(

ive took note of all your comments and i was already planning on changing the background colour. ill get a update up soon just been busy recently damn letting agents :E :E :E
Have you tried printing to a Post Script printer then Distilling the .ps file?

I know you've not asked for a crit but it might be worth noting that most employers when receiving a CV from an applicant (either via email or from a recruitment website) will print the CV (usually in black and white). The shape of your CV together with the very fine fonts and mute colours may cause some issue when scaled down to fit on an office laser printer. Try printing it in mono and see how it comes out.

(I've had grief in the past because the person conducting the interview couldn't print my CV as it's A4 landscape.)