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Hello. Have not heard from any employers with my old CV so just redesigned it.

Let me know what you think and what i can do to improve it if you can find the time

thank you


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In my experience, employers and agencies prefer a single page CV, they never get to the third page of text-heavy CVs. You need to make a single page that is interesting enough to grab their attention in order to 'want' them to have you in front of them to elaborate.

Can you compact all that information into point form with the facts only and try sending out a single page one instead? I am sure that you will notice a difference regarding responses.
I agree with the above. Also (in my opinion) the design is too heavy with graphics. I reckon a much simpler design (something similar to a letterhead)) would work best.
Hi and thanks for the reply. The reason I went for a cv quite haevy in design was because my cv prior to this has receivbed no interest. That wa a 1 page simple design. So I thought I would try and stand out from the norm with a design. But ill take in what you say and try re vamp it. Thganks
I agree that your CV is too graphical, the only way you can stand out is by the way it is written. If you can really sell yourself with just plain text, it will come across much better and that you really mean business!

Like the others said you really need to trim down the details. Take a look at the jobs you are applying for. You need to customise your cv to fit the job you are after. Provide examples if they ask for certain skills in the job description. It might be worth contacting professional cv writers for their input. They can offer you a free review and give you some ideas on how to improve it. Don't forget that competition is always fierce in this line of work so you really need to think about what you can offer that is different to what everyone else is offering. You wont be the only person that uses photoshop, has been educated in design etc so don't use up too many words on this. Concentrate on your uniqueness, while targeting the job description you are after.
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I agree with what has already been said here with regards to too much text and heavy graphics. Employers are more interested in seeing your work and what you can do rather than readings about how good you are, keep it short and snappy and as I have notice include a link to an on-line portfolio (you've got some nice work in there).

I would like to add that I have read through your CV and there are a lot errors in the text. For example using lower case i's mid sentence rather than upper case I's, some missing spaces & spelling mistakes. I know this may seem trivial but to be honest when we get CVs through which have spelling and grammar mistakes we chuck them in the bin because this says so much about the person. I mean how hard is it to run something through a spell checker now-a-days - sorry if that sounds harsh!

Your CV is a reflection of you and your work so if there are mistakes in it potential employers could see this a a reflection of you work.

Is this a first daft of the text or have you sent this out to companies already?
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