Cut vinyl lettering


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Anyone able to quote on this?

I want 4 lots of bright red cut vinyl lettering. cut backward so it can be stuck on the inside of a window and be read through the glass. The text fits in a box 30 x 200 so is quite small. Artwork (outlined) supplied in ai, eps or pdf to suit.

I've had one quote but the company want nearly £10 P&P for 4 stickers that would fit in an A4 envelope!

Email me please [email protected]
I've been chatting to a bloke locally and am waiting for a price but if anyone can offer a price, feel free.
Try Pitty's Custom Vinyls

He's a mate of mine, I know the website doesn't say much but he's actually very good at what he does and his prices are good too. Just say Tommy recommended and he will probably drop the price.

Just a thought, if you still haven't got anywhere :)