Customer owe you money?

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This is a great company to use if your customer owes you money...

Business to Business Debt Collection

They will send a "letter before action" letter for only £2.00 or a "late payment demand" letter for only £5.00...which scares most people into paying. If this doesn't work then their fees seem very fair for recovering money.

You have to jump through a few hoops to register, sending proof of ID etc but well worth it once registered.
Used a very similar company based in Glasgow. Cost £3 for the letter and the client coughed up within a day of the letter being sent. That was after 3 months of me badgering for payment.
...seriously that is a good link to bookmark. I was owed a 4 figure sum for over 3 months, lots of calls, letters sent recorded delivery, nothing! 3 days after the "letter before action" was received...payment in full today! :icon_wink:
Absolutely. Highly successful. Almost always works. If not, Small Claims Court.

Painless and effective.

Such a shame all this is necessary - if people paid on time, small businesses could spend more time doing what they are good at.

Pah....blinkin clients, I'm actually signing up to this now.

I had a service I paid for (was totally ripped off though) that lasted five years and it really worked, but it expired last year.

I haven't needed to scare a client into paying since Feb 2008 but I think I have someone I need to get heavy with now so will sign up and test this out.


Think I'll bear this in mind.

I had a client last year who never paid for logo work which I had produced. He claimed (by email) he had found another designer who would do the work for free as long as they got all other print work. It was a complete lie as the guy never appeared to get his company off the ground. Anyway... I had done the work and he still owed me for the work I had done (he had even chosen a logo!!!).

Ended up chasing him like mad for the money and unfortunately it ended up being a right off. Fortunately I didn't lose too much but I hope I never find myself in that situation again. I wish I knew at the time that there were businesses out there who could have helped me deal with him.
It will happen again and as you grow - could occur linear. It's all about process - sign off every step of the way. In law you must prove 'intention to create legal relations'. If your records are in order - you cannot lose.

Private individual - payment in full. Business - deposit to cover your costs.

You are dealing with a very small unethical percentile of the business population.
Bookmarked Boss, Ta for that.
I hope I never need it, but it's handy to have there in the bookmarks just incase