Custom Stock Swing Tags?



Just wondering if anybody knows of any printers that are capable of printing swing tags onto custom stock. It is a very rough idea at the moment so don't have many exact details.

An example of the type of thing I am looking for would be the swing tags used by companies like All Saints and some jeans manufacturers, sort of distressed cardboard with string attachment. I don't need a price at the moment, as it is very early stages, just if anybody could recommend printers who can do this sort of thing?

The majority of the swing tickets you see on UK high streets come from China (for the obvious financial reasons), where they are more willing to 'try' new ways of achieving a look, particularly when it comes to new processes/materials. The distressed cardboard ones are often printed properly and are then tumble-dried with stones to roughen them up.
There are specific swing ticket manufacturers in the UK (Britannia Labels, Labelon, Nilorn) who have set-ups in the Far East too. These are the 'bigger boys' in the industry and so you'd need decent quantities to achieve an affordable price.