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Hi, I'm new to this forum and this is my first thread, and would really appreciate some help on a specific project I am working on. I'm a photographer and artist, and have been commissioned by an interior designer to create photographic prints on curved perspex. As I hope you can see from the image attached, there are four arches, with the two middle ones being the sections in question. There are lots of potential complications to this project but Im just trying to work through them one by one!

The first thing is to figure out is if I can indeed print on curved perspex of this size, so if anyone here knows of a printing specialist that can I would love to hear about them. The pieces would ideally be 210 x 117cm but could be smaller. I have a perspex specialist who can mould the perspex, but he can only do 2 x 1m, so any others that people may have come across would be great too. Thanks :icon_smile:

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Love the unusual stuff. Right up our street.

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It's unlikely you'll printed this to acrylic once it's already curved. (I'm assuming you're drape moulding it?) You could try printing it flat and then drape moulding it but the print is likely to distort in the oven. (or worse). I have put photographic prints onto both the inside or outside of curves of similar size, either mounting with optically clear adhesive so you view through clear acrylic, or mounting to the front face. (although if going front face there are probably better options than acrylic.)

Definitely something I can help you with - please give me a call on 01702 232500.


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