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Feedback on CV style 01 please.

Thanking you all ;)


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Its hard really to give feedback on a layout full of lorem.

maybe if it were accurat(ish) information in a designed layout then we could give feedback.

For now its just text on a sheet with minimal relevant sections.


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Can you make CVs kind of spruced up like that in the UK? Like are the usually acceptable? Might be good for me to know soon.

I think it was someone on Linked In, in my Designers Talk group, who once that said its a good idea to make two versions of your resume or in this case, CV. One to be "Pretty" or and one to be "professional" so that you can have an appropriate one depending on what kind of job you're applying for. Although it is possible to have both done to where they look "professional"

I like where you're going with it though. But agree with Ross on his points. And I am going to second Glen's recommendation about taking tips from Smashing Magazine. Its a great source for anything design and I often look there.


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People don't want to read CVs, they want to scan them. Make the content easily accessible at first glance, and easy to skim etc. Twenty CVs on a pile, no one is likely to sit and read all that prose.

Bullet points and a clear hierarchy.


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Assuming this is for a graphic design type job I would be focusing more on typography than a logo but thats just me. If you send a cv with what is basically just standard layout MS Word text then I would be questioning if you know about typography etc. I also don't want to have to turn my head sideways (and it's the wrong way in my opinion) just to find out who it's from.

I'd maybe play on the idea from typo, use a non white background colour and then use a mainly text based design focusing on typography. It would show you understand both colour and typography if you get it right.

Also ensure there's a clear and obvious link to an online portfolio, I personally wouldn't put any work on my cv but ensure there's a clear way to get to my online presence etc.


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Levi said:
Harry your pdf cv's aren't loading

Fine here.

The PDF ones are pretty much useless information-wise btw haha. The HTML one is more up to date, but still not spot on. Just in case anyone was wondering…


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I'm being told the pdf files aren't there :s

edit: 1 appears to eventually load, 2 still doesn't