CS5 Illustrator problem


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hi, just wondered if anyone else is having this problem and if anyone can fix it..

When i go object, transform & move and the box pops up, when i put in numbers to make the object say move up, i would normall put in say 10mm, but i have to put in -10. This only seems to happen for the vertical bit, horizontal is as normal.
Im using a mac on 10.6.4, the same problem happens on my mates pc.

any ideas?

I've just tested this in CS5 on 10.6.4 and mine seem to be working as intended. I've never had the problem myself, in any version :/
It seems like the reference point of your object has changed (the reference point icon can be found in the application bar and is represented as a square with 9 dots).

When you move an object, Illustrator works out the distance from whatever your reference point is (top left, bottom right etc etc) of your object.

If your Illustrator preferences have changed, then the reference point will go back to the default, hence why you need to enter in a minus number to move your object.

Hope that helps,

Cheers Scott
cheers for the reply, so what should it be set too? as its just in the middle like it is in cs4.
If i click on any other the dots it still moves the wrong way.
This also happens in indesign CS5.

any other ideas?