CS4 Consensus

I'm still mainly using CS2 here, with CS3 every now and again when needed. CS4 a few steps too far at the mo
I'm on 3 at the moment but I went to one of the CS4 launch conferences and there were a few things that grabbed my attention.

The bone tool in Flash in really impressive. It's taken the platform into a full on animation studio. I also like the little updates they've made to Illy, like multiple artboards.

I've just picked up a new Macbook Pro so I'd like to see how Photoshop takes advantage of the second graphics card but that doesn't quite justify the money to upgrade from CS3. maybe when CS5 comes out.
CS3 here too, Adobe really did a complete naff job on cs3 installers for one thing and the cost is hard to justify for just a few extra bits every year at UK prices, will wait till cs5 no doubt.

Also remember the OS or SaaS alternatives are also being upgraded all the time so I think more people will check them out at some point.

PS is still the daddy though ;)
I'm a regular user of CS3 and CS4 (4 at home, 3 at work oddly enough), and although the differences appear minimal at first, you begin noticing some nifty extras in the new suite as you go along.

My main attraction to CS4 Illustrator is the grad slider tool which you can hover over certain graphics to achieve the effect you're after. Multiple artboards as mentioned, is a remarkable addition, as well as the ability to freely flip and rotate them. But as far as I can tell, you can't import actions from previous versions.

And you can always see when a company has the new suite, because I can never open the files to work with, as the clients opt not to save to a more commonly used version, gits. :icon_smile:
I might upgrade my flash to cs4 but as for the rest they are fine as they are - im not a big fan of too many gradients etc as it is.

The new service in dreamweaver would of been good but adobe hosting it themself etc.. nah.