Critique for web design agency

Very slow to load. Especially on my phone.

The Chatbox is annoying for me, I clicked No on it and it popped open anyway - you should be able to hide this, it just floats and it bugs me.

Scrolling down with the wheel, the images flip automatically before I get to them, and that's annoying.

And on on some images when you roll over you see it has 2 posts, but you don't see that on the mobile until you click the images
- and it's not obvious they are clickable.

In essence, you have rollovers that are intrusive - and they don't work on a touch device.

I have too much information - there's no focus!

The navigation bar at the top disappears when you scroll.

Get a Quote is on the 3rd page (esseniantly) it needs to be higher up and more obvious.
It can become part of the Nav Bar when you are scrolling.

The text on the opening images - you can't read what it says - all I can see is the Digital Marketing Agency Newcastle and then all the words on the images underneath are lost - no impact here. Intrusive text.

No padding

Is it called GENIX or Digital Markent Agency - the Tab in chrome says Digtial Marketing but the logo says Genix? Confusing.

Why is the middle one bigger?

To summarise
It's too clunky
Loads slowly
Not clear messaging
Doesn't work well on mobile
Contact info is all over the place.

It is a bit of a mess.
Far far too slow... on an 80mbit connection it should load near instantly and it honestly felt like I was still on dial up, that's how slow it was. You can blame it on all the scripts, I lost count after 20 js scripts on the homepage.... a search for the term script brought up 136 matches, even if you divide that by 3 that's still over 40 scripts, it's likely more, that seriously needs streamlining. According to seoptimer your js takes up 2.91MB from an 8.23MB page, your images take 2.1MB for reference, that's 35% of the page load and that isn't even taking into account all the extra calls (or externally stored/linked js) it will need when loading the page.

No cookie policy (gdpr etc) and you have 4 trackers, 2 from google and 2 from I'm guessing the source of the images you're using... ublock is also blocking another 4 things too.

It feels like a template even if it isn't one.

'what they're saying' is misleading, the big google icon implies it's google who are giving you the comments when if you read the comments it's clearly about seo being done for clients....careful with that as it could fall foul of uk advertising laws.

I didn't get the chat box pop up.... probably one of the things that was blocked, not that I like chat boxes that keep asking me 'can I help' or in your case sounds like they open automatically.

The 'review sites' shown at the bottom right, I wanted to click on them but I couldn't.

In all honesty it's kind of 'boring' and doesn't make me want to stay, then it's not exactly the most user friendly design either which doesn't really help. Now I'm guessing the design has been done with seo in mind and it might be great for that but the user doesn't care about seo, they care about the experience on the site.
I am currently building my new web design agency and digital marketing website. However, I am not sure if I have used to much pink on the homepage. Let me know your thoughts.
I didn't notice ANY pink but the sections that flipped over when scrollong over them I found a bit amateurish. Just whistles and bells for their own sake. Suggest instead dissolve to the message you want. I was iewing on my laptop and disn't notice any slowness, etc. that other folks have commented on.
I am currently building my new web design agency and digital marketing website. However, I am not sure if I have used to much pink on the homepage. Let me know your thoughts.


Your website is loading very slow because of the server response time. Optimize the WordPress theme by removing unnecessary plugins and compressing the CSS & JS files. If you need any suggestion let me know I can guide you on this.
Well, just like what the others have already mentioned, the website loaded too slow. In fact, I was not even able to get past the initial loading screen even with my 100mbps internet speed.
Ditto all the above.

If, however, I were a more cynical person, I may be led to think, given the fairly moderate use of pink on your site, that you were using the question as an excuse to peddle your wares. Thankfully, I’m not feeling particularly cynical today, so I will give you the benefit of the doubt.

Pinkness aside, the impression I get is that the whole thing looks incredibly template-driven with very little design input. This is not a great look for someone selling web design and creative services. If I were to use the services of a web designer, surely I’d want something innovative and designed and moreover, tailored to my needs, otherwise, I could just put together something with a Wordpress theme.

There does not appear to have been a whole lot of UI / UX thought gone into that. Aside from speed issues, which others have mentioned, something so unconsidered, in terms of navigation and design would not fill me with confidence I’m afraid. It is more gimmick- than design-led.

Granted, your main sell appears to be SEO and marketing rather than design. Given that technical, not creative is your background, why not find a designer you can collaborate with and offer a full service.

You say, you have ‘A Prooven Track Record When It Comes To Custom Web Design’ and yet, try as I might, even when eventually I did find a portfolio button, I couldn’t find a single example of your ‘prooven’ track record. If you are going to claim that you have a proven track record, you have to put your money where your mouth is and show some examples.

I am not saying that you are – and if you happen to experienced and qualified, I apologise – but I am afraid this site alone (and that is all I have to go on) leaves me with the impression that it is yet another in a very long line of ‘design’ companies with some technical knowledge alone, claiming to be creative web designers. As I say, either collaborate with a designer, or stick to what you do best and make life-size claims, otherwise it will bite you in the backside.

Hope this helps.

Ah, it seems that perhaps I am feeling particularly cynical today after all!