Creative Suite - Education version



I'm about to take on a few projects for paying clients, and wondered if its acceptable to use to the education version of CS for commercial purposes? I know on the box it says you can't, but i know people who use copies and all sorts and run their businesses off the back of them! So surely, if I got the education version, at least i'm 'legal' to some extent...I'd still be actually paying for it! I just can't afford the proper version....I'd be more than content to stick with CS3...Any views/advice...??

Where can I get a full 'legit' version for as cheap as possible? I need mainly illustrator/photoshop/indesign:icon_dunno:
I think you have answered your own question, if it says on the box that using it for commercial purposes is not allowed...then it's not allowed.

Many people will pay no attention to this and use it anyway, the chance of getting caught out is slim, however, if this is the route you decide to take then you have to be prepared to pay the price because Adobe will come down on you hard if they catch you, the choice is yours!!

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If you have a uk license you can't use it for commercial use, but I think the US license allows you to use it commercially if you were a full time student at the time of registering it. Brits are always punished by Adobe.

You will have to pay full price for the real thing give or take £50 - Don't be tricked into paying hundreds less by any websites. I recently bought CS4 from only to find out that they are selling OEM copies from dell computers (probably nicked) and had to battle with them to get my money back. Adobe have put them under investigation with their piracy department so hopefully they will be stopped, however, they have several sites dotted about and no doubt will start a new one under a new name.

According to Adobe, the price is set and any legit copy should cost the smae, although some stores may have discount codes available regardless of what you are buying from them.