Creative Suite - boxed or cloud


I've been using serifs drawplus etc, and they're FABTASTIC. However, due to upcoming collaborations, it's probably best that I return to Adobe simply because I want everything to be a smooth as possible, plus there are millions more tutorials and stuff. Is anyone here using the creative suite via the new cloud system yet? Is it worth going for that option or purchasing the retail version? I kinda like the idea of just fully owning it, plus I can get student discount now thanks to my sibling! I'm also not fused about up-grading for the next couple of years, by when I hope I could afford a proper full copy for myself. I'd be happy with cs3 right now! What are the pros/cons? Thanks in advance.
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Hi Esh, I've dabbled with the could version and unless you are planning to move around a lot and need to use different machines then the full boxed version is always going to be better. The cloud version is always going to be slightly limited due the set up of the machine you use to access it. get the boxed version and make sure you have a laptop that has a decent processor and graphics card to run it as your boxed version should give you three installs.
Hey just noticed you replied. Thanks.
Yeah I'm thinking the boxed version as at least once it's paid, it's paid, and no worrying about the monthly cost. How does the cloud work though, is it installed on the desktop or run via a browser? Think I'll stop being lazy and actually have a look into it now!
I heard you can use the cloud version on a month-by-month basis and only pay for the months you use it. Is this true?
The cloud version is a monthly subscription. you sign up and download the creative suite you're paying for (ie; web standard, master collection etc..) then start using the CS on your machine. By paying monthly you get access to the cloud services such as online storage, plugins, updates etc... You don't have to use the online features if you dont want to. The only restriction is that once a month the computer you've installed CS on needs to validate your subscription by connecting to the adobe server when you launch an app. If you've not paid that month, the software wont run.
Although with the news that everything will be going to the cloud from now on, it may make you reassess any decision you've made - do you buy CS6 and stick with it as long as you can, or just go straight to the cloud?