Creative Character and Monster Illustrator Needed.....


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Hi, my name is Jamie Hammond and I co-own a very small UK based company called Balopia Ltd with freelance illustrator John Charlesworth.
For the last two years we have been developing a new children’s toy concept/cartoon series and have had a lot of interest from quite a few of the big toy manufacturers world wide. We are trying to secure a deal as we speak but in the meantime we are looking into going it alone.
We believe we have a fantastic product and we have already had offers of private investment, but as we speak, we still have quite a few characters to finish and are now exploring the possibilities of acquiring the services of a talented illustrator to come on board to help finish the project.
At the moment there would be a token payment per piece with a differed payment at the end, with the possibility of a permanent position when the product is commissioned.
We already have an animation studio on board and are now looking to push forward for an early/mid 2011 toy release.
The project style is a Disney/Manga hybrid working within a digital medium. Predominantly we are working with Photoshop, illustrator as well as utilising traditional pencil methods.

We are looking for a illustrator with good character drawings skills as well as an imaginative and inventive approach to monsters and creatures.
We are also looking for somebody who is also able to draw creative and innovative environments to house these characters.
We have a very concise idea and direction in which the project is going with a mass of finished artwork and designs. We work as a team where all ideas are discussed and developed as the artwork proceeds, mostly over Skype, sometimes in person always relaxed and jovial.
This is the chance to be involved with a unique and exciting project that is already causing waves within the toy and animation community.
For further enquires please contact
Jamie Hammond at