Creative block!

Hi guys,

I have been approached to create a logo for a small cleaning service company locally based. From what i could gather from the mission statement the company are proud to emphasise the fact that they will return old worn dirty services to as new condition. So via my research, thinking and designing process i arrived at the refresh icon. I decided to base my design around this as the core component of the mission statement.

I have also incorporated the H from the company name into the negative space left behind.

This is where i am struggling and would appreciate some advice from my peers. Is this design looking as if it fits in within the chosen industry or not, and i am pursuing a idea that really is not going to work??

I have attached a quick draft for critique based around this theory.


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I like the idea, and I much prefer the coloured version as apposed to the white on blue version. It looks fresh, different and fits the brief well.

If what you mean, is does it fit with other logos within the industry, I'd say no. But that's a good thing, simply because 98% of cleaning service / dryclearner logos are awful. Yours works because of the idea, as well as the shape and colours.

It's all it needs.
What about making the arrows less obvous by maybe taking out the outside accenders (or what ever they are) i think the eye would still see the arrows and I think it might make it look a bit more together.
Just a thought :) but its good I like the idea :)
Cleaning service company logo up for critique!!!

Hi Guys,

Thanks for input i have now decided to perceiver with this concept. I have taken on board your comments and made a slight change if you would be so kind as to let me know your thoughts now?

Anybody else please feel free to cast your creative eye over my draft designs.

All comments are welcome and appreciated....


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Yea I like it. It would look a tad nicer if you managed to shape those arrows so that the whole outer edge is circular, it looks like a squashed circle at the moment.
I really like the logo and the concept.

My only heads up would be them "sparkles" are a bit naff looking and maybe when they're scaled down, you'd lose them anyway?
Cleaning logo up for critique

How is this attempt looking now guys.

I have enclosed the mark in a circle as suggested but left the h oval shaped, slightly off set at angle of 5 degrees so as to make the 2 arrows look as if they are orbiting each other and the h, symbolic of the cleaning cycle and process previously mentioned.

My only concern now is where the curved arrow head comes around appears to look out of place. And how this will look reduced down in size?

Again all comments welcome...


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Sorry forgot to attach this design, slightly different and possibly more practical buisness card etc...


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The icon with the name

I think the concept has come out really well personally.

Have you figured out yet how you will incorporate the company name with the graphical icon? It would be interesting to see them together.

Strangley when I read this thread I read from the bottom up.

So, I saw the comments and circular logo first. But after reading the comments re.arrows etc I looked at the first version and I totally prefer that one. There is more movement to it, looks more like a refresh icon and the H is more prominent to my eyes. I think the arrows are lost on the more recent versions and could be mistakened as a slightly rotated Z...

Just my pennies worth!
Thanks for all you constructive criticism so far it has been a great help!

I have attached a more recent design for your perusal, completed identity to follow shortly...


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I think that's working to be honest. Maybe the font is a bit heavy, but it's definitely nearly there.
I have reverted back to my original font for the logo, this should also make the secondary font clearer at a reduced size.

What do you think of the gradient added too?


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Getting there. The 'cleaning services' font looks too condensed to me. Looks fine for the big word on top but for the smaller letters below, I'd find a different font to use, one that's the same thickness, but where the letters are wider.
Hope u don't mind that I did this, but I changed it a tiny bit (as I am bored). I straightened and aligned the straight bits of the shape.

I don't know if it is like this because it is an example, but the edges of the rounded parts of the logo could be much smoother to.


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I dont mind at all i appreciate all the suggestions and take on board all comments made, regardless of what time in the morning they are made??

Have you used the first design to amend there?

I have attached my final logo do you personally think this still needs adjusting as you mentioned, this concept has evolved from the first design to a more spherical icon.

Thanks for input,


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Some other changes I thought would look nice in my opinion.


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