Creating websites in multiple languages with multiple domains.


Newbie question coming up . . . go easy on me ;-)

I have been approached to create a website for a product. A very simple website with maybe one or two pages and one product for sale for which the client would like Paypal as the payment gateway. Simple right?

No! This client would like to market their product into Europe, they would like to purchase multiple European domains ( .fr, .de for example), where the website would be translated into the relevant language.

So how on earth can I do this?

Bearing in mind the client will not want to pay for separately hosted sites. Is there a way of translating the text for each domain. Or could I assign multiple domains but direct them to different home pages within the same site?

I haven’t a clue how to problem solve this.
Just worked out a potential solution. Would appreciate creative advice on this one.

I have found a way (using my current host provider - Business Catalyst) to add multiple site domains and then edit settings to allow a different home page to load in a different region (of the world) and using a different domain. It's a difficult theory for me to test without purchasing alternative domains and reassigning alternative start pages, and also not being able to visit European cities to double check!

Anyone with any experience of this?
Thanks Corrosive, yep I think I need to 'Man-up' a bit for that one.

Sorry for the delay in reply, it's manic here, always appreciate this forum's responses.