Creating semi-transparency without PNG files


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Hi I have designed a logo for a friend and he needs to upload it onto a companies web site. They have said that it must be either Jpeg or Gif. However, since there is some semi-transparency in my logo a Gif file wont allow this and a Jpeg wont create any transparency. They wont allow PNGs. I have tried to find out what colour the website background will be so I can simply put the logo in a box of the same colour but apparently he is not able to find out this info.

Is there any other way of getting around this?
As far as I know it's just the 2 options you mentioned.

I always prefer transparent PNGs. But if you need to use JPEGs and GIFs you have to get the hex colour ref from client.
Given the choice, definately use a PNG-24. But you can achieve the transparency bit with a GIF, you've just got to tweak the output settings when you export, to ensure that the edges don't look entirely pants.

If all else fails, and you don't get the background colour of the website, you could simply use a white stroke/halo around the image, so that the edges are sharp.
Some older browsers don't support transparency though.

If they won't take PNG you really have no choice but to make them give you the background colour otherwise you'll struggle to get proper transparency for them with the GIF or JPEG.

If they don't know what it actually is in terms of the hex code they need to 'show' you the background image by emailing it to you or showing it you online.

Then you can use your software to pick out the colour, or even place the logo onto the background for them if it's a patterned background and resave as a new background.