Creating print ready files with Powerpoint


Just a quick question if somebody can advise, a friend of the family has asked me to source some printing online, the file she has supplied is a Powerpoint file, I need to import this into Photoshop to convert to CMYK and mess with the bleed etc.

The problem I have is whatever format I export to the text seems really sharp/blocky, as though anti-aliasing has been turned off when I save, any ideas where I am going wrong? I have tried exporting to .gif, .jpeg, .tiff and .bmp and each time the text looks the same, in photoshop I know you can highlight text and you are given choices of anti-aliasing, obviously once the Powerpoint file has been converted and rasterised the text is not editable in PS.

Any ideas?

Personally with a ppt (as I don't know much about it myself) I'd PDF the file then import it into InDesign, and to give myself bleed, as long as the design allowed it, (no cutting off of stuff etc) I'd just knock up the size a percent or two. PDF 'ing will probably sort your blocky problem too.

You could probably do the same sort of thing using PS if thats all you have. Dead easy :)
For anybody interested, it worked.

I selected PRINT TO PDF in Powerpoint ensuring PRESS READY PDF was selected and then opened the exported PDF in Illustrator, I am no wizard with Illy but I managed to extend the bleed which was a solid colour background and even the text was still editable.

Thanks Artgem :icon_cheers: