Creating Ideas when Working in a Group

High Juice

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My question is, what's the best method for the development of ideas when working in a group?

I'm in a team of four at college to create a theme for a campaign. I don't know have a problem working on my own but when it comes to sitting around that table together it's a mystery in understanding what is the best method to stop us from being afraid to speak up.

I'd like to know if theres any videos where designers explain their approach. How do those post it notes come to appear? I see them stuck up on the wall in the background of nearing every studio.

The group I'm in are a pretty lazy and unmotivated bunch so any trade secrets to get them going and control the flow would be a huge help.

Good luck with this. I was in the same boat almost every week at uni. Always stuck with the lazy ones that really couldn't be arsed being there. Anyway, the whole idea of postit notes is that they are a very quick way of getting ideas out of your brain and on the table. If you're thinking about a particular project and something suddenly comes to mind, scribble it down, no matter how small. Eventually you'll have a whole board of ideas, related notes and research for those ideas, inspiration that might link to those original notes. Obviously you can then pull down any of the non-starters and be left with the best ones to develop further.

With regards to working in a group, someone needs to take control. There's no point in being in a group of 4, if all 4 of you are too frightened to start things off. What are you going to do if you're working in a group for a real client? They won't take any excuses. Take the lead yourself. Say, "look, I don't care if you want to be here or not, but I'd like to pass this course with a decent qualification" then designate some jobs to do. Someone has to be the team-leader here, and it looks like its going to be you. If they still don't want to take part, do it all yourself.